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When I was first asked to shoot a destination wedding in Southern Italy I thought it was a joke! Who would fly me out to Italy for 3 days just because they like my photography?? Well I was very pleased to accept this job and then start to plan! At a wedding in the UK I drive to it and can carry a whole lot of extra kit just in case something goes wrong. I normally have the two cameras I work with plus another two. More batteries than I would ever need and lots of extra lenses. Now flying makes you think about what you have to have and what you really need! I wouldn’t dream of putting lenses or camera bodies in the hold luggage so It has to fit in carry on!

The Venue… Where do I start? Set in Puglia in Southern Italy just off the Adriatic coast. It was just simply beautiful! It was a hot sunny day, amazing light everywhere. I was in wedding photography heaven! No only this….The food….You only have to look at me to see I enjoy my food! This was out of this world. Chefs making Mozzarella, seafood and Prosecco. This was just the start before the main event. Seven stunning courses and a desert table that just kept going!

Richard and Jamie are an amazing couple, very relaxed and they let me just do as I pleased. We disappeared off during courses for some couples photos and that all important alone time on your wedding day.  This was great and we got some amazing wedding photos of them and their various groups for their album and walls!

The evening party started and the sun started to drop.Watching the sun go down was magical .

If you are planning a destination wedding please get in touch. As a couple who like to travel we will always look at a favourable rate if we can extend it a few days and make it into a holiday as well!



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