When I was first asked to shoot a wedding in Southern Italy I thought it was a joke! Who would fly me out to Italy for 3 days just because they like my photography?? Well I was very pleased to accept this job and then start to plan! At a wedding in the UK I drive to it and can carry a whole lot of extra kit just in case something goes wrong. I normally have the two cameras I work with plus another two. More batteries than I would ever need and lots of extra lenses. Now flying makes you think about what you have to have and what you really need! I wouldn’t dream of putting lenses or camera bodies in the hold luggage so It has to fit in carry on!

The Venue… Where do I start? It was beautiful! It was a hot sunny day, amazing light everywhere. I was in wedding photography heaven! (apart from having not so much backup stuff!)

Richard and Jamie are an amazing couple, very relaxed and let me just do as I pleased. This was great and we got some amazing wedding photos for their albums!

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