A Special Day at South Farm: Capturing Harry and Fizzy's Beautiful Wedding on the Hertfordshire-Cambridgeshire Border

Being asked to do a friend’s wedding is a real honour so when Harry asked me to photograph his I jumped at the chance. I hadn’t met Fizzy but I knew I’d like her from all the things Harry used to say about her! The wedding was due to be at South Farm which is a beautiful wedding venue on the Hertfordshire Cambridgeshire boarder. Have a look at their website. https://www.south-farm.co.uk

The day arrived and I got onsite at South Farm early to have my usual walk around. I like to see what flowers were are bloom etc. I bumped into Harry and we had a good catch up regarding the plans and I went to meet Fizzy.

Bridal prep photos are good at South Farm as the bridal suite has great lighting and lots of room for the hair and makeup! This means I can pop in and out and not interrupt people at work etc!

I met up with the boys for a few pre wedding photos and took Harry off to get some photos on his own.

The ceremony was out on the lawn and it was lovely to see all the guests arriving and finding their seats.  The ceremony was beautiful and I could really see the love between them.

After the ceremony it was time for Confetti and photos! (my favourite bit) I organised the groups and then took the happy couple off for 15 mins to get a few images and let them say hello to each other.

Before we knew it, it was time for the wedding breakfast so we headed on into the barn for the arrival of Mr & Mrs Rush!

After dinner, I took the Harry & Fizzy back out for a few more photos as the light was a bit softer and I wanted to use a different area of the farm. We took some photos then Fizzy fancied going in the enclosure with the pigs! Whilst all this was going on the very talented Toons Band were setting up ready to rock the party!


This is the second time I’ve seen these guys at a wedding and I love them! They really get the crowd going. As the light started to drop outside I took the Bride & Groom back outside for some creative flash shots to give them some photos that will look great in their wedding album.

Here’s a few images from the day at South Farm

Venue: South Farm
Date: 2023
Package Booked: Gold Collection